the podcast vrunt

this is the greatest podcast ever made by vrunt
Nate Lamagna Humor Company presents The Podcast Vrunt. It's me, vrunt, and I'll say whatever I want to in podcast form.

category: comedy
tags: humor comedy twitter vrunt funny topical great


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episode 3 - baker street - (2:00) 1.38 MB
another leaked voice memo to john v. this is a great comparison of john to the new vrunt.

episode 2 - fridayleaks - (4:50) 1.66 MB
this is a private voice memo sent to my friends john and ned. it was leaked by the NSA during the ed snowden scandal. it's about TGI Fridays.

episode 1 - micropodcasting - (0:08) 0.13 MB
our first episode. an introduction to me, my comedy history, and a brief overview of micropodcasting and my thoughts on podcasts and technology in general